Artifacts features short-form visual presentations and hands-on demonstrations by innovators from a wide range of creative disciplines around a theme. We aim to disrupt disciplinary silos by bringing together those who might not otherwise cross paths from across industries with a format that values intimacy, authenticity and conversation over canned speeches and out-of-reach presenters. At Artifacts, participant and audience blend into one.



Presenters have 5-7 minutes to elaborate on a specific question with the aid of visuals and their personal stories.


Each event features a unique array of hands-on experiences, demos and performances derived from the talents of our guests.



To get involved in a  future event, contact Ron Goldin, founder.


501 Union: A Private Event Space

501 Union St b/t Hoyt St & Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11231

20-25 minute subway from downtown Manhattan; 2-3 blocks from the F/G/R trains

501 Union is a space of subtle distinction and quiet refinement. Erected in 1916, the building served in the restoration of classic cars through the glory years of the American automotive industry.  It was brought back to life in 2013 by Akiva Reich & Co.  Embedded in the stone and steel of this quiet landmark is the timeless integrity of a continually modern New York.


Starting in 2014, Artifacts has been a springboard for creatives and innovators to connect and "meet people who don't do what they do". 

To drive home that point, we proactively connect individuals with funding and help them focus a project derived from the theme of the event, with 3 months to refine it and share it with the world.

For more details, view our Projects page.